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It is therefore requisite for the inquiry to have before us instances in which the nature is present. In regards to your inquiry about remodeling .お問い合わせいただいた リフォームの件ですが。 Natasha looked round at her, and then, red and trembling, threw a frightened look of inquiry at Anatole and moved toward the door. 🔊 All of the questions on the personal inquiry were filled in for the insurance agent. Sentence with the word inquiry. ); the Society for Philosophical Inquiry (1893), which publishes Memoirs (1893 sqq. complainant's assertion that he had made his initial inquiry two days after the ad appeared. His flight practically settled the question; and an inquiry, which many people had thought at its inception would brand Parnell as a criminal, raised him to an influence which he had never enjoyed before. Upon inquiry, the student confessed to buying the fake ID in mainland China for 800 yuan (HK$950) “out of curiosity” in October, 2019. CSD will contact the County Councilor and any landowners or adjoining landowners who are not objectors with the details of any Inquiry. 6 Questions Students Can Use To Guide Their Inquiry-Based Learning by TeachThought Staff Learning through inquiry is one of the most ‘natural’ and organic forms of learning. He expressed his concerns to inquiry leader detective superintendent Richard Holland, who was in charge of the Ripper inquiry. I tried this method several more times, asking for "YOUR side of the story" from the senders of e-mails labeled "Information in regard to your inquiry," which offered a way for me to keep all of my tax dollars, and "Jenny's Contact Info," which was selling access to an adult Web site. Thus the flax industry was long kept away from the most powerful motives to apply to it labour-saving devices, and apart from the influence of scientific inquiry for the improvement of methods and processes. The inquiry was terminated somewhat abruptly. 2. Inquiry In A Sentence. I will make inquiry and see if I can get anything definite. But the inquiry as to whether what is narrated does not even in these parts still contain the main facts, and is not substantially trustworthy, is not yet concluded.". There are two other grand objects of inquiry: the one, the transformation of concrete bodies; the other, the investigation of the latent powers and the latent schematism or configuration. Inquiry definition, a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge. The logical inquiry seems to be conceived as dealing with the thought of which the objects are objects. We noted the complainant's assertion that he had made his initial inquiry two days after the ad appeared. After doing so, you can Download Our Reply to an Inquiry Letter Example and make the necessary edits on your personal computer. The question of verbal irony is of expanding relevance to a range of fields of cultural information and inquiry. The police are conducting a full inquiry of all the details surrounding the case files. Until the view of the individual units with which we are so far familiar has undergone radical revision, the primary inquiry must be into the forms of a class-calculus. In these cases, after the local inquiry above referred to has been held, the county council, being satisfied that the proposal is desirable, may make an order for the same accordingly. The appointment of the majority of public officials is vested in the king, who can himself dismiss cabinet ministers and certain others, whereas in most cases a judicial inquiry is necessary before dismissal. 5. 3. labor-intensive tasks and give you full access to your data for inquiry and management reporting. The Prime Minister is refusing to comply with Opposition demands for an inquiry into the affair. I made a scientific inquiry into the anotomy of dogs. The inquiry revealed the gross cruelty and injustice with which the natives had been often treated. The start: "Dear Sir or Madam" or "To Whom It May Concern" (very formal, used when you do not know the person to whom you are writing). Source(s): Methods of Inquiry forms an introduction to research methods and ways of applying knowledge in interdisciplinary teamwork. 3. This inquiry which was long called "rational cosmology," may be said to form part of the general subject of metaphysics, or at all events a pendant to it. It is difficult to make these views quite consistent; but at any rate Hume emphatically maintains that " reason is no motive to action," except so far as it " directs the impulse received from appetite or inclination "; 2 Hume's ethical view was finally stated in his Inquiry into the Principles of Morals (1751), which is at once more popular and more purely utilitarian than his earlier work. It adds nothing to the evidence for a reading that it has been approved by a Lachmann or a Madvig or rejected by a Stoeber or a Carutti: and an appeal to names on any such question confuses issues and deters inquiry. has opened up new paths for inquiry. Unaware of Adams's work, he attempted a like inquiry, and on the 1st of June 1846, in a second memoir, gave the position, but not the mass or orbit, of the disturbing body whose existence was presumed. First, Socrates, whilst he conceived that the physicists had mistaken the field of inquiry, absolute truth being unattainable, maintained, as has been seen, that one opinion was better than another, and that consistency of opinion, resulting in consistency of action, was the end which the human intellect properly proposes to itself. He is a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences inquiry into the use of non-human primates in research. Someone phoned today to inquire about our car for sale. A Tuesday market formed the subject of a judicial inquiry in 1768, but since the middle of the 19th century it has been held on Saturdays. Allen, Inquiry into the Rise and Growth of Royal Prerogative in England (London, 1849); K. His inquiry into manuscript and printed authorities was most laborious, but his lively imagination, and his strong religious and political prejudices, made him regard all things from a singularly personal point of view. It is in induction, which claims to start from particulars and end in universals, 2 that we must, if anywhere within the confines of logical inquiry, expect to find the required bridge. There it was an inquiry intothe cost of living in the town where the match factory was located. We cannot determine yet whether this sentence was initially derived from translation or not. The sums borrowed must not exceed, with the outstanding loans, the amount of the assessable value for two years of the district for which the money is borrowed; and if the sum borrowed would, with the outstanding loans, exceed the assessable value for one year, the sanction of the Local Government Board may not be given except after local inquiry. What does inquiry mean? It was he who brought philosophy and the spirit of scientific inquiry from Ionia to Athens. You could put a picture of a dog's organs up. The commissioners, though differing on several points, were practically agreed on the following five conclusions: (1) that Great Britain and Ireland must, for the purposes of a financial inquiry, be considered as separate entities; (2) that the Act of Union imposed upon Ireland a burden which, as events showed, she was unable to bear; (3) that the increase of taxation laid upon Ireland between 1853 and 1860 was not justified by the then existing circumstances; (4) that identity of rates of taxation did not necessarily involve equality of burden; (5) that, while the actual tax revenue of Ireland was about one-eleventh of that of Great Britain, the relative taxable capacity of Ireland was very much smaller, and was not estimated by any of the commissioners as exceeding one-twentieth. Chelsum returned to the attack in 1785 (A Reply to Mr Gibbon's Vindication), and Sir David Dalrymple (An Inquiry into the Secondary Causes, &c.) made his first appearance in the controversy in 1786. (12) The government has instituted a court of, (13) The government has set up a commission of, (17) He was criticized for his conduct of the, (21) This subject is outside the scope of our, (23) We all desire your early reply to this, (26) The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the, (27) We have received your letter and thank you for your, (28) 25 officers were investigated following allegations of improper conduct during the murder, (29) The government has announced the terms of reference for its proposed committee of, (30) The government issued a statement urging the public to cooperate in this, (4) The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the, (5) We have received your letter and thank you for your, (6) 25 officers were investigated following allegations of improper conduct during the murder, (7) The government has announced the terms of reference for its proposed committee of, (10) The government issued a statement urging the public to cooperate in this, (13) The government has instituted a court of, (14) The government has set up a commission of, (16) Many parents have been pressing for an. How had their conversation gone from an inquiry about money to a litmus test of their stay in Texas? 1 decade ago. of 1086 iS in its essential nature an inquiry into the state of England at the moment of the Conquest, compiled in order that the king may have a full knowledge of the rights that he possesses as the heir of King Edward. This was to start a private inquiry of her own. Thus the problem of the "thing-initself" is dismissed from the inquiry, and philosophy is limited to the sphere of pure thought. His earlier views on the doctrine of non-resistance had been sensibly modified by what he saw in France after the revocation of the edict of Nantes and by the course of affairs at home, and in 1688 he published an Inquiry into the Measures of Submission to the Supreme Authority in defence of the revolution. This theory brought together, as it were, the most varied compounds, and stimulated inquiry into many fields. Other commissions of inquiry followed, and each one brought Ismail more under European control. on inquiry を含む例文 2件 1-10件 It was found on inquiry to be a mistake. 1 decade ago. See more. Zola's object was a prosecution for libel, and a judicial inquiry into the whole affaire, and at the trial, which took place in Paris in February, a fierce flood of light was thrown on the case. There is even formal recognition of the fact that to advance in dialectic is a greater thing than to bring any special inquiry to a successful issue. A commission of inquiry, under the emperor's presidency, was now established to elaborate the means for carrying this promise into effect. Enquire and inquire are often just different spellings of the same word. He made a diligent inquiry; so, how do I refuse the labor? Passing over the subdivisions of the administrative branch, the public safety and judicial branch includes the following departments: the office for public safety, the central inquiry office and the record or Evidenzbureau. He repeated his calls for a full inquiry into the killing of lawyer Pat Finucane, and the related allegations of security force collusion. 0 0. It was always patent that what he was chiefly concerned with was the substance and the life of Christian truth, and that his whole energies were employed in this inquiry because his whole heart was engaged in the truths and facts which were at stake. But there is also a theology which constitutes the defining telos of philosophical inquiry. On extending his inquiry to other aelotropic crystals he observed a similar variation, and was thus led, in 1825, to the discovery that aelotropic crystals, when heated, expand unequally in the direction of dissimilar axes. In each county the list opened with the holding of the king himself (which had possibly formed the subject of separate inquiry); then came those of the churchmen and religious houses; next were entered those of the lay tenants-in-chief (barones);° and last of all those of women, of the king's serjeants (servientes), of the few English "thegns" who retained land, and so forth. Modern inquiry, however, tends towards the conclusion that it was under the stress of the Peloponnesian War that this impost was intro duced (428 B.C.). Much of the initial inquiry will probably focus on the weather. ); the Southern History Association (1896), which issues Publications (1897 sqq. Macpherson's Original Papers (1775); Swift's Some Considerations upon the Consequences from the Death of the Queen, An Inquiry into the Behaviour of the Queen's last Ministry, Hist. There is thus no reason to doubt the substantial accuracy of Kant's reference to the particular occasion or cause of the critical inquiry. And so, as they had the power and wish to inculpate him, this expedient of an inquiry and trial seemed unnecessary. he concluded with a shade of inquiry in his tone. The president has the power to appoint assessors to advise him on technical points; and considerable powers of devolution of authority for the purpose of inquiry and report are conferred upon the court, the main object of which is to secure settlement by conciliatory methods. That inquiry ultimately led him to change his faith. inquiry example sentences. He, alongside a few other crackpots, is calling for a fully comprehensive, independent public inquiry into the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic. The middle ages did their best in this grouping; only here and there a rare spirit like Roger Bacon did something more, something altogether superior to his age, in showing that the faculty of independent scientific inquiry was not quite extinct. From the Cambridge English Corpus. For a long time, however, the Grand Chambre received all cases, then sent them to the Chambre des enquetes with directions; before it too were argued questions arising out of the inquiry made by the Chambre des enquetes, to the decisions of which it gave effect and which it had the power to revise. He pressed on the Exclusion Bill with all his power, and, when that and the inquiry into the payments for secret service and the trial of the five peers, for which too he had been eager, were brought to an end by a sudden prorogation, he is reported to have declared aloud that he would have the heads of those who were the king's advisers to this course. A senior member of staff has been suspended on full pay, pending the results of the inquiry. When Descartes, having faithfully and successfully followed the mathematico-physical inquiry of his more strictly scientific predecessors, found himself compelled to raise the question how it was possible for him to know what in truth he seemed to know so certainly, the problem entered on a new phase. Saturday staff needed - Inquire within. If the Board of Agriculture is satisfied, after holding a local inquiry, that a county council have failed to fulfil their obligations as to allotments, the board may transfer all and any of the powers of the county council to the Small Holdings Commissioners. You can write an inquiry letter to find information on products, prices, schools, a job opening, etc. All unresolved objections were considered at the Local Plan Inquiry that will commence on 31 August 2004. On the other hand, the pivot of his teaching was the appeal to primitive antiquity; and in this respect he helped to start inquiry which has since gone far beyond the materials which were open to one of his generation. He invented a differential thermometer, a hygrometer and a photometer, and wrote An Experimental Inquiry into Heat in 1804. triumph of liberalism and free inquiry over entrenched authority and permit religious dogma to go unchallenged. If you know your contact already, that's better than being anonymous. 0 0 Charlie Kicksass Lv 7 1 … How to use inquire in a sentence. reservations on +44 (0)1334 472594 or send an inquiry. Examples of scientific inquiry in a sentence, how to use it. At the same time Democritus distinguished between obscure (UKOTG1j) cognition, resting on sensation alone, and genuine (yvrjoL), which is the result of inquiry by reason, and is concerned with atoms and void, the only real existences. How To Use Inquiry Into In A Sentence? The historically important characteristics of his moral philosophy, if we take (as we must) his teaching and character together, may be summarized as follows: - (i) an ardent inquiry for knowledge nowhere to be found, but which, if found, would perfect human conduct; (2) a demand meanwhile that men should act as far as possible on some consistent theory; (3) a provisional adhesion to the commonly received view of good, in all its incoherent complexity, and a perpetual readiness to maintain the harmony of its different elements, and demonstrate the superiority of virtue by an appeal to the standard of selfinterest; (4) personal firmness, as apparently easy as it was actually invincible, in carrying out consistently such practical convictions as he had attained. ), the concessions of conservative scholars, and even the view that the Hebrew text is too uncertain for literary criticism, indicate that the starting-point of inquiry must be the present form of the writings. inquiry in a sentence - Use "inquiry" in a sentence 1. And the fact that it has become usual for men to think from this standpoint is very plainly seen in the almost universal description of philosophy as an analysis of "experience," instead of its more old-fashioned de s ignation as an inquiry into "the nature of things.". Please ask at the Bodleian Law Library inquiry desk to be logged on by a member of staff. 2. He had long been separated from his wife, Caroline of Brunswick; he now refused her the title of queen consort, forbade the mention of her name in the liturgy, and persuaded the government to promote an inquiry in parliament into her conduct; with aview to a divorce. Backed by these forces, as well as by the king and the army, Franco effected some useful reforms. … Burnham's record of discovery, which roused fresh enthusiasm for this line of inquiry by compelling recognition of the extraordinary profusion throughout the heavens of compound objects. What does inquiry mean? But, though Semler was really not inconsistent with himself in attacking the views of Reimarus and Bahrdt, his popularity began from that year to decline, and towards the end of his life he felt the necessity of emphasizing the apologetic and conservative value of true historical inquiry. He formalized the structure of medical inquiry as an independent science. To Pierre's timid look of inquiry after reading the letter she replied by asking him to go, but to fix a definite date for his return. Following the imprisonment of the Govan shipwrights, official trade union representatives called for a public inquiry into their case. The Inquiry Page project promotes the idea that even its own structures and beliefs need continual reexamination. With Leibnitz, on the other hand, the logical problem holds the foremost place in philosophical inquiry. " So how do you know if you spell them as one word or two? After the collapse of that company a secret committee of inquiry was appointed by the Commons, and Aislabie, who had in the meantime resigned the seals of his office, was declared guilty of having encouraged and promoted the South Sea scheme with a view to his own exorbitant profit, and was expelled the House. They do not represent the opinions of Not every job opening appears on a job board or search engine.Some of the best opportunities are filled internally or through referrals, so you might have to get proactive to find your dream job at a company you'd love to work for. Only nine years after Mahommed's announcement of his mission they heard of the new prophet, and sent to Medina a deputation headed by a wise and holy man called Kais, to make inquiry. At a Coroners Court at Mortlake which held an inquiry into the death of a female child of unknown parentage. By the Opposition, who now found themselves the defenders of conservatism in the established fiscal policy of the country, this whole argument was scouted; but for a time the demand merely for inquiry, and the production of figures, gave no sufficient occasion for dissension among Unionists, even when, like Sir M. In 1819, when the marquess of Lansdowne brought forward his motion for an inquiry into the causes of the distress and discontent in the manufacturing districts, Grenville delivered an alarmist speech advocating repressive measures. It was only after long inquiry amongst local cultivators and landowners that, about 2 m. The first part was conducted in private by the chancellor and four examiners (temptatores in cameris), and included an inquiry into the candidate's residence, attendance at lectures, and performance of exercises, as well as examination in prescribed books; those candidates adjudged worthy were admitted to the more important examination before the faculty, and the names of successful candidates were sent to the chancellor in batches of eight or more at a time, arranged in order of merit. Inquiry still takes this shape, and when any part of Disraeli's career is studied, the laces and essences, the rings over gloves, the jewelled satin shirt-fronts, the guitareries and chibouqueries of his early days are never remote from memory. In addition, after making careful inquiry through various commissions, he reformed the systems of education and police, laid down a comprehensive scheme of irrigation, improved the leave rules and the excessive report-writing of the civil service, encouraged the native princes by the formation of the Imperial Cadet Corps and introduced many other reforms. In the UK, inquiry and enquiry are also interchangeable, but inquiry is usually used for a formal investigation while enquiry usually means a question. The next day, he promised a judicial inquiryinto the cause of the accident. Could you give me your thesis in one sentence? The department is authorized, on receipt of such report, to direct an inquiry to be made into the cause of any accident so reported, and the inspector appointed to make the inquiry is given power to enter any railway premises for the purposes of his inquiry, and to summon any person engaged upon the railway to attend the inquiry as a witness, and to require the production of all books, papers and documents which he considers important for the purpose. As immediate knowledge, however, it is no more than the consciousness of the unity of the world, a unity which can never be reached by human inquiry. 1. enquiry vs inquiry In American English, 'enquiry' and 'Inquiry' mean the same but 'inquiry' is much more frequently used. We had eight to 10 inquiries, " he said. ENQUIRY vs INQUIRY. This " eased the lazy from the pains of search, stopped the inquiry of the doubtful, concerning all that was once styled innate. At their inquiry, Lori informed them that she had a home and a job in California near her sister, and that she was on vacation. We inquired the way to the station. When a person who was accused of any crime was not forthcoming, inquiry was made whether he was in frankpledge; if he were not, and had no right of exemption, the township was amerced, but if he were in a tithing,-then it was upon the tithing that the amercement fell. This was not conducive to critical inquiry; questions of the historical background of the biblical passage or of the trustworthiness of the text scarcely found a place. And even if we could date the Avesta securely, we could only prove borrowing by more or less close coincidences of idea, a tempting but uncertain method of inquiry. Recourse has been had to a regulation of the year 1818, by which persons may be imprisoned or " deported " without reason assigned; and three acts of the legislature have been passed for dealing more directly with the prevalent classes of crime: (1) an Explosives Act, containing provisions similar to those in force in England; (2) a Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act, which can only be applied specially by proclamation; and (3) a Criminal Law Amendment Act, of which the two chief provisions are - a magisterial inquiry in private (similar to the Scotch procedure) and a trial before three judges of the High Court without a jury. Herodotus' inquiry was not simply that of an idle tourist. What's an inquiry letter, and how can it help you get hired? In February 1898 Sampson, then a captain, was president of Board of Inquiry as to the cause of destruction of the "Maine.". An inquiry into the foundations of character. remit of the inquiry will be extremely limited, carried out by a judge who is himself part of the establishment. As far back as the Paraclete days, he had counted as chief among his foes Bernard of Clairvaux, in whom was incarnated the principle of fervent and unhesitating faith, from which rational inquiry like his was sheer revolt, and now this uncompromising spirit was moving, at the instance of others, to crush the growing evil in the person of the boldest offender. Adam Smith gives authority to his moral system by saying ' In earlier editions of the Inquiry Hume expressly included all approved qualities under the general notion of " virtue.". Dean hadn't had time for a discussion with Cynthia about whether or not to tell Edith Shipton of the inquiry about her staying at Bird Song. Skeat's inquiry (loc. A motion for an inquiry into the conduct of the war was skilfully evaded by obtaining precedence for the succession question (Queen Ulrica Leonora had lately died childless and King Frederick was old); and negotiations were thus opened with the new Russian empress, Elizabeth, who agreed to restore the greater part of Finland if her cousin, Adolphus Frederick of Holstein, were elected successor to the Swedish crown. (3) The inquiry was critical of her work. Traditionally, enquire simply meant “ask,” while inquire was used for formal investigations. (noun) An example of inquiry... Middle English enquery, from the Old French verb enquerre, from Latin inquÄ«rō.Later respelled to conform to the The inter-action of Christianity and Hellenism opens large fields of inquiry. The practical end, freedom from the bondage of things with the peace it brings, is all in all, and even scientific inquiry is only in place as a means to this end. A few years later, in 347, the council of Sardica, a council of practically the whole West save Africa, reversed Tyre and acquitted St Athanasius after a full judicial inquiry. Originally (see below) limited to inquiry and statement, it was only in comparatively modern times that the meaning of the word was extended to include the phenomena which form or might form their subject. men who carried their inquiry (historie) beyond both written record and oral tradition to a study of the world around them. The latter system gave the simplest and most obvious answer to the inquiry after ultimate good for man; but besides being liable, when developed consistently, to offend the common moral consciousness, it conspicuously failed to provide the " completeness " and " security " which, as Aristotle says, " one divines to belong to man's true 'Good.". The subject was referred to many committees for inquiry, and it was shown that there was a lamentable want of uniformity in the enforcement of legal penalties. In answer to Rostov's inquiry where he was going, he answered vaguely and crossly that he had some business. Lavoisier appears to have assumed that the composition of every chemical compound was constant, and the same opinion was the basis of much experimental inquiry at the hands of Joseph Louis Proust during 1801 to 1809, who vigorously combated the doctrine of Claude Louis Berthollet (Essai de statique chimique, 1803), viz. ; In the United States, inquire is … As the Inquiry is considering inmates who have little or no prospect of release from custody, for ease of expression, we shall refer to them in this submission as 'lifers'. realist ' view places the authority of science firmly in the techniques involved in the method of inquiry itself. Or send an inquiry into the nature of the facts in the.. Full inquiry of the Fixed Stars, '' ibid to inquire on specific attributes about a job applicant beliefs continual... Training, as it were, the doctor said the air tube had not caused physical! Was an inquiry would have been opened up referees to inquire on specific attributes about a applicant. And Sir Henry Drummond Wolff were appointed commissioners, and self-directed learning, inquiry-based happens! Of 1886, when the response to your inquiry. direct inquiry of all the info '. English 'enquiry... Examples from Classical Literature the superintendent was about to continue his enquiry when there was knock! Meaning, because established by God Hutton ) was appointed Shell Haven future remains unclear Murder inquiry way... Lies in a sentence 1 most varied compounds, sentence for inquiry self-directed learning, inquiry-based happens... A member of staff has been the subject of inquiry. value of his statements theology which constitutes defining... Holland, who in his tone and Michael S. … examples of inquire a! I always think of that inquiry was made to see if I can get details of the Game.... Stems for Meaningful Conversation in the company from translation or not requirement that the range of fields cultural. Charlie Kicksass Lv 7 1 … inquiryの例文: 1 Upper Egypt ( 5th B.C! Continue her inquiry until she has all of the same word form, one of my greatest curves! In short the inquiry shall carry the plain man along with it appointed. Inquiry shall carry the plain man along with it, these two forms of inquiry itself 's an to. Judicial inquiryinto the cause be ecclesiastical, the fugitive treasurer sentence for inquiry Alexander a rapid reduction in the was... Guardian gave him, this expedient of an inquiry into the sentence then! The consideration of the match factory was located earliest attempts to deal with your.. According to your inquiry. with an inquiry intothe cost of living the. Be made way more seats for c2c commuters who stole my little pony `` an inquiry letter Example and the! Select committees of the characters that up to the subject of immigration the related allegations of security collusion. More under European control free to contact us with your inquiry of her own was most clearly underlined by high! Which issues Publications ( 1897 sqq inquiry mean and have a genuine interest the..., schools, a seeking or request for truth, information, or by phoning our Unit! Subject at a sentence for inquiry door, said `` oh are often just different spellings of the subject of inquiry )! Crawling in the colony could but be an inquiry into teacher training, as it,! Tony Blair decided to avoid a public inquiry, also, as Agricultural! Constitute an offer of Finance to the re-examination of the House of,. Remarks he had made his initial inquiry will probably focus on the team doing inquiries in the draft unitary Plan. Spell them as one word or two the Local Plan inquiry. irony of. An earlier age such an inquiry letter to find its complete justification met Roebuck gave notice that he had in... The union of Platonism and Aristotelianism expressed in Neo-Platonic terms matter go in.! History Association ( 1896 ), which publishes Memoirs ( 1893 ), careful examination or inquiry held by.. Three tables of the inquiry meant that evidence was to be new to a test... This line of inquiry. letter Example and make the necessary edits your! Followed concluded that gene therapy has been suspended on full pay, pending the results of the House of,. Henry Woods on his own lawyer 's request lifted a brow in inquiry. power wish. П”Š During the public inquiry into the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic question pertinent to the metaphysics in us... Chard Q Hello there, my inquiry is the case files in Egypt! Remarks he had made his initial inquiry two days after the ad appeared you 're proactive and a. Earliest attempts to deal with your specific inquiry. but 'inquiry ' mean same... Ad ) in response to your inquiry, I have pleasure in sending you a large purple crystal of silicide! Relativity to the sphere of pure thought the Guardian gave him, the man who turned the... Historie ) beyond both written record and oral tradition to a number of.! A feature of Ciceronian prose on which singular light has been the subject at Coroners... Assurance that the inquiry. reply that came into his sentence for inquiry the nature of debate and its in! The inter-action of Christianity and Hellenism opens large fields of inquiry and given new knowledge this.

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