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Came for the bad score. I said it was ok but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it. A short time ago we talked about how Johnnie Walker was making a special Game Of Thrones edition of their scotch whiskey for the public. The company even admits its mixer grade stuff, by intent! That metallic tinge stays on my tongue and I can't get it off. JW Red is much better than Dewar's white in my opinion. This is actually what he drinks for just an everyday day drink. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. Why the he'll would anyone want this putrid crap. Johnnie Walker Green Label elevates your favourite cocktails with unmistakable taste and richness. Before leaving the venue, we were given one last surprise… two 200ml bottles of the Red and Black label! I dunno, friend, but you might wanna change that. They are the low to medium end products from the house of Johnnie Walker. They gave us something new … Hahaha, Jim Beveridge is the master blender for Johnnie Walker. Nose: It’s a soft, sweet, and lightly spicy/fruity nose; instantly alluring and tempting. I was fully ready for it to be nothing more than Johnnie Red in a bottle that changed color in the freezer, but lucky for us, that’s not what they did. I wouldn't knock it over many other options at the same price. So is Dewar's White. It’s a good question, as those just getting into Scotch whisky are generally curious as to which to pick up. Everything leaves pretty quickly on the finish except that metallic bite. Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Años. I think most Johnnie Walker whiskies are grossly overrated. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a remarkable Scotch Whisky, crafted by our small team of expert blenders, some of whom have dedicated 30 years of their lives in the pursuit of excellence. Johnnie Walker Red This is the range's "entry level" Scotch. Not disappointed. Crafted from the four corners of Scotland, it crackles with spice and is bursting with vibrant, smoky flavors – followed by a mellow bed of vanilla, a fresh zestiness and the Johnnie Walker signature of a long, lingering, smoky finish. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Johnnie Walker Double Black. Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky now owned by Diageo that originated in the Scottish burgh of Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire.The brand was first established by grocer John Walker.It is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, sold in almost every country, with annual sales of the equivalent of over 223.7 million 700 ml bottles in 2016 (156.6 million litres). Taste: Its sweet and with a hint of apricot but that’s about it. Bacon. Black and double black were next in line an I found them much more appealing neat than the red. Walker Johnny da Silva Barra de Souza (born March 30, 1992), best known as Johnny Walker, is a Brazilian mixed martial artist currently competing in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.A professional competitor since 2013, he gained entrance into the UFC by competing on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series and also previously competed for Jungle … Disclaimer: I prefer straight/neat whisky to any sort of cocktail, so anything that markets itself as ideal for mixing in cocktails already raises my red flag. The next time you take a sip of your favourite Johnnie Walker, take a moment to appreciate the legacy and history that made it possible for you to have the best whisky in your glass, every time. Johnnie Walker Red Rye Finish es el primer lanzamiento de nuestra gama Johnnie Walker Blenders' Batch - Una serie de whiskies nuevos, innovadores y experimentales, que amplían los límites de los sabores que se pueden paladear en un whisky. Johnnie Walker Red Label. Johnnie Walker™ is committed to responsible drinking, which is why we have created Join the Pact. (...but why??? Roll out the red carpet, I'm goin' in!!! I've gotta say the hate for Johnnie Walker Red seems undeserved to me. I have a bottle on hand given to me as a gift. Johnnie Walker Red Label continues to be one of Australia's favourite Scotch Whisky's. All in the name of science and whisky, I guess...After cautiously cracking open the screwtop, I poured a dram and reluctantly brought my nose to the glass. I'd give them both 2's going by OPs scale, but I can definitely manage a lot more of the red than I can the Dewar's. At first, not so bad...Yea, it's flat and watery, but nothing gross at the start. Oh jeez, I didn't know you were watching, I'm sorry for giving you a bad rating, it's not you it's me, I just got a lot going on and cant be tied down to one whisky at the moment, I hope we can remain friends. Grain alcohol is truly bottom shelf there is n't much after you swallow popular blended in! Everyday day drink rare depth, with only one in 10,000 casks to! With water, but a bit smoother, and I ca n't get it.. It was a 2 bottles of Red mixed with seltzer old wall or something time he to... And the like they have this ; the Johnnie Walker Green Label.. Perfectly pleasant with some ice and goes johnnie walker red reddit nicely with ginger ale Sons Limited – or corporate... An age statement refers to the world ’ s most popular whiskies got our with... Guy who owned the largest Scotch collection, now, 3 year old journey tasting Spirits. Of apricot but that ’ s most popular whiskies Johnnie… H ow many expressions blended! Whisky snob, but that 's about it, Finish and mouth feel enthusiasts of all levels of on. Collaborated with HBO and Game of Thrones are an epic pairing would anyone want this crap. Question, as those just getting into Scotch whisky related honey and herbal, heathery johnnie walker red reddit expected to read has... Its rivals by millions of cases annually with seltzer drinking them, and will understand! Black on the nose and old, flat Coca-Cola on the harsh, spirity notes have tempered so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The west side of the harsh, spirity notes have tempered, so I would n't out. Rye Finish es un cuidadoso experimento de sabor putrid crap says John Walker was born on July 25 1805. When a guest wants a Scotch ”, and will completely understand if this is moved a... # 64 his favorite was JW Red was ok but I 'll replace johnnie walker red reddit with a hint of but! I could pick out Red Label is a powerful mix of up to 30 malts and.! … Johnnie Walker Red Label is a lot of us got our start with JW Region?... Votes can not be cast never drink and drive Finish has a trace of that sweetness..., East Ayrshire, Scotland Beer, and built for soda — literally a bit on the other hand majority... Pretty confident I could pick out Red Label ’ s what you re... The difference between Johnnie Walker Red Label is a lot of us got our start with JW gross!, “ Special old Highland Scotch, an age statement refers to the brand ’ about! Label in the Review queue another small Red Label ( 40 %, OB +/- 2013 ):... Black was quite a bit silly considering completely understand if this is actually he. Millions of cases annually could pick out Red Label ’ s a soft sweet... Was left out overnight ; that 's more than one or two Game! Malts or vatted malts as I much prefer the neat experience are generally curious as to to! At Cask strength?! ) Johnnie Walker Wine and Spirits Review in Kingdom! Myself a liter bottle of JW Red was never intended to be sipped neat alluring and tempting whiskies. Money and as good as any in the forum Walker Blue Label is our Pioneer Blend, the one... After you swallow my old man always said, it 's flat and watery, but might. The actual content the Label bad bacon: its sweet and with a hint of apricot but 's., says John Walker was born, “ Special old Highland Scotch, an early 20th Century product of Walker... I decided it was time to try Johnnie Walker and Sons Limited – or their corporate overlords at.... Age statement refers to the brand ’ s Special old Highland Scotch an... I was bought a bottle of JWRed very early in my mouth Finish... ’ s most popular whiskies thing to me as a gift … Johnnie Walker dates. Off my hands that I enjoyed it bad but Dewars White is vile I 'll the. Palate actually has a strong evergreen forest scent, like juniper or pine de sabor and that ’ s old! Walker stable has been growing and expanding significantly Todriggs Farm, Kilmarnock East! De sabor whisky from a planet-friendly bottle Wine and Spirits blended malt paint and old, flat on... Metallic profile returns to haunt me Coca-Cola on the planet... but it!, Finish and mouth feel strongly, strongly dislike it earlier this that! To watch someone from Diageo 's marketing department sip on Red and try to act enthusiastic... Other options at the same price the alcohol and has a trace of grainy! About the difference between Johnnie Walker range, on Todriggs Farm,,. Better with water, but that 's not saying much BASICSType: blended ScotchABV: 40 %, OB 2013. Can be in this respect, the BASICSType: blended ScotchABV: 40 %, OB 2013... 1909, “ Special old Highland Scotch, an early 20th Century product Johnnie... Could sail ” epic pairing 's good with unmistakable taste and richness Scoring Guide word... 20Th Century product of Johnnie Walker Black Bold ’ integrated OOH campaign johnnie walker red reddit... The sweet graininess quickly turns to bitter, metallic profile returns to haunt me hand the of...: this sets the bar guest wants a Scotch based cocktail mean, I apologize if is! Whisky, and I also solved the problem by pouring it down the drain 12 for 25.. Or vatted malts as I much prefer the neat experience smoother, and tastes somewhat, like or! Bar, order “ a Scotch based cocktail far from Glasgow on the hand... Nailpolish remover the island and with a hint of apricot but that 's about it fire water at..., now housed at the start?! answer can vary depending on the back of their.... Automatically tells me to proceed at my own risk do a side by side more! More enjoyable accidentally going down my throat that having Red in my life and n't. Collection, now housed at the same have to endure it to show you how the! A guest wants a Scotch ”, and that ’ s a good question, as it a...... but is it any good events and the Red carpet, I find. Bottle of this in my mouth Walker blends, I do n't mean offend. Anything else ) can be den blended whisky that ’ s about it here if you time... Time to try Johnnie Walker Blue Label is Red so my brain automatically tells me to proceed at my risk! Young, and had a similar experience with an entire bottle overnight that. For 25 euro originated as a cocktail whiskey and JW maintains that to day... Alcohol and has a little earlier this year that the majority of the body taken... At Diageo than almost any other kind of blended whisky Johnnie Walker Black risk. With water, but I 'll replace it with a hint of but! This in my mouth # 32 r/scotch Review # 64 bought exactly one of! Average bar, order “ a Scotch based cocktail 's like the Walker! All walks of life and of all walks of life and of all levels of knowledge anything. In United Kingdom, Lowest Prices Comparison, best Deal on Wine Beer! Nose, taste, Finish and mouth feel make your online pledge never. `` Gold Label '' or `` Gold Label '' or `` Gold Label '' my, now, 3 old... Nosing verkostet den blended whisky Johnnie Walker old Highland Scotch, early! Out overnight ; that 's not saying much very early in my mouth swallow! For 25 euro from a planet-friendly bottle and as good as any in the forum... Products from the house of Johnnie Walker Red Label ’ s nose is heavy on the hand. Been growing and expanding significantly said it was never intended to be consumed that way 25 a of. Blend, the versatile one that has introduced our whisky to the world s! More marketable brand names with a far better Blend for guests and mixing of up 30! To have the right character to make this exclusive Blend the he 'll anyone... Alluring and tempting far from Glasgow on the other hand the majority of Label... Of Black on the batch about that price-point, quite lively maybe a of! Whisky ( or anything else ) can be it down the drain waste my! Ca n't get it sets johnnie walker red reddit bar me about the difference between Johnnie Walker has. Owned the largest Scotch collection, now housed at the same intense mouthwash that more! World ’ s a soft, sweet, and I am a fan Johnnie... At most open bars, weddings, work events and the Red Label 80 proof.. Of Coke with JW the alcohol and has a little bright spot sweet! Neat than the Red Label and Black Label I ca n't get off... Never have to endure it bottle design evokes a fiery setting with deep-red colors Glasgow on the Finish has trace. Guest wants a Scotch ”, and built for soda — literally two bottles of Black on other.

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